i was just reading this post again and i think this is a clear example of how rick riordan made Percy a complete joke in BoO. yea it was funny how he rallied the greeks in BoO, but it wasn’t the Percy i fell in love with and i think a lot of others did too. Percy became a big joke in this book, to the point where he just seemed stupid and annoying rather than the character he was in pjo and in the rest of boo (especially SoN). I understand that Percy was not and is not the only main character in HoH, but in a way i feel like rick riordan disrespected this kid whom a lot of people found a hero in by reducing him to shits and giggles. 

The Percy i knew and the one i will remember is the one who rallied camp half blood with a confident voice, one that promised victory even though he wasn’t sure if they would see the next day. The one i knew looked out for his friends and was serious when his friends were in danger. The Percy i knew was obtuse and sometimes a bit slower to catch on to things, but was smart when others’ lives were in his hands and didn’t act like everything was made for a joke to be cracked.

In BoO percy seemed to regress in character development rather than grow; he wasn’t the hero a lot of us grew up with and while he’s not the only hero now, to make him look like an idiot and trying to make him funny while altering a lot of his main, character aspects seems like a mockery towards those who watched him grow and to Percy Jackson himself. 



Percy’s probably SO offended he’s not Nico’s type like I bet he complained to Annabeth for the next hour
“What does he mean not his type”
“Percy why does it matter”
“I mean seriously how am I NOT his type”
“First the fish people didn’t want to see me now THIS!”

Guys, I saw The Lightning Thief: the Musical. And it was so AWESOME!! I went in praying that it would just be better than movie, but they blew me away. The characters were accurately portrayed, all the major plot points were kept in, and only little things were kept in. There was a great use of props and stage fighting, the acting was great, and they stayed true to the book. Not to mention one line that Grover sang about Percy and Annabeth was either they will kiss or all into an abyss. Which was just hysterical. 

So if The Lightning Thief comes near you, it is worth going to go see. You won’t regret it. 



dear Whitney, please take our most sincere apologies for the lateness of this present, but i had to work and Mari had classes and this fic got away from us a bit. we hope you had an amazing birthday because you are an amazing person <3

but ANYWAY, happy birthday/feliz cumpleaños!! enjoy this belated present from us :)


‘She can’t be that bad’

‘She is, she absolutely is.’


‘You haven’t met her.’

‘Have you?’ Percy interrupted her.

Annabeth ignored him. ‘She is so freaking annoying. And you haven’t been woken up to the sound of her having an extremely exaggerated, and I suspect fake, orgasm.’

She didn’t bother to lower her voice in the din of the coffee shop and Percy’s head jerked around automatically. But no one paid any attention to them as they waited for their drinks.

‘Well that is true,’ he offered, looking at her again.

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Preview: Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods



Why is Zeus always first?

Seriously, every book about the Greek gods has to start with this guy. Are we doing reverse alphabetical order? I know he’s the king of Olympus and all – but, trust me, this dude’s ego does not need to get any bigger.

You know what? Forget him.

We’re going to talk about the gods in the order they were born, women first. Take a backseat, Zeus. We’re starting with Hestia.


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percyyoulittleshit asked:

i remember one post, a long time ago, that said Annabeth was the one who broke the rules most of the time, while Percy was all "but the rules!!" (like in moa when she sneaked into his room) and i want your opinion on that

romanitas answered:

the short version is yeah i think annabeth is so much more of a rulebreaker than percy :’D

at least in the intentional sense? percy starts off the whole series talking about how he never asks for all the trouble he gets into, and he doesn’t like it. he doesn’t want to keep getting kicked out of school and fucking up. he hates being branded a troublemaker.

annabeth on the other hand sat at the poseidon table to talk to him while he quietly freaked out a little. she brought four people into the labyrinth despite the usual three person to a quest rule. she snuck into his cabin while he panicked, like you mentioned! annabeth sees the rules and she isn’t afraid to bend or break them if she thinks it’s for the best. percy sees them and he’d prefer to work within them, but his life doesn’t usually let him do that. i wouldn’t say he’s 100% opposed to rulebreaking, because he’s got definite issues with authority too, but he’s not a purposeful troublemaker. percy seems to break the rules or get in trouble for the sake of other people, which fits right in with the whole loyalty as fatal flaw thing, and gets worse the more he cares about someone. he challenges the rules when it’s unjust and calls them out moreso than just… casually breaking them.

annabeth sees the rules and disregards them if they don’t suit her. she is more confident in her ability to wiggle around them. (which similarly could be tied into her hubris.) there are certain customs and practices she might adhere to (especially when she’s younger), but i feel like she’s more open to saying ‘fuck this’ than percy is. she cheats when they’re competing! when they’re sparring or racing or w/e, she will do it happily. she’s more likely to drag percy into something that’ll get them in trouble than the other way around, imo.




For Jess.


“I can tell we’re on the beach, Percy,” Annabeth whined, digging the toes of her sneakers into the sand as she let her boyfriend pull her forward by one hand. “Can’t I open my eyes yet?”

Percy laughed. “You’re the worst at surprises. Anyway, we’re…





Grifter!AU with the Seven + Nico + Rachel where they go around stealing from the abusively rich.

Annabeth is the mastermind behind the operations, making plans and backup plans and plans for the backup plans. She’s planned for so many contingencies that she’s earned the title of Batman from the others; but her brains and paranoia has saved them from monumental failure dozens of times.

Jason is second-in-command. He’s authorized to call the shots in Annabeth’s stead, especially when the con is on and Annabeth isn’t available or they don’t have time to run the situation by her. He’s Annabeth’s deputy because he was voted least-likely-to-fuck-up-a-con. Percy still resents him slightly for it; you blow up a building one time

Percy is the muscle, having no countenance for being sneaky. He knows everyone in the team can take care of themselves on any given day; but he’s still insanely protective of this family and makes sure that everyone is safe. This usually means taking the hit meant for someone else and almost always sporting some sort of injury, but Percy’s fine with it. Off the field, he is the den mother who makes sure everyone is fine and that they remember to eat/sleep/be happy.

Piper is the one who usually distracts the mark or the guards. She’s also their go-to interrogator. She has a way with words and can subtly wheedle out information from just about anyone. Her marks never suspect her in the end. Her acting is top notch, too, having had tons of practice as a kid with her dad.

Leo is their gearheaded tech support. He can hack top-secret databases in less time than it takes to order pizza. Unlike Jason and Percy, the two heavyhitters in the team, Leo doesn’t know how to fight; but he can create nifty gadgets that serve as awesome support for everyone. He’s also the default getaway driver and is responsible for keeping their cars in top condition. His girlfriend Calypso sometimes helps out with their cons when they need more people.

Hazel is a master of misdirection and forgeries. Whether that means causing a distraction by rigging something to blow up with some help from Leo, creating a replica of whatever it is they’re stealing, or (her personal favorite) pawning off fake precious metals as if they’re the real deal; Hazel’s the girl to ask. She and her brother Nico have connections to the city’s black market, so if any funny business is happening down in the Underworld, they know about it.

Frank almost always plays the ‘bystander citizen.’ He knows how to stay hidden in plain sight, somehow fitting in with any crowd, despite his hulking frame. He can be anyone: the quiet janitor, the mild-mannered office worker, anyone. (He’s still pretty terrible at acting, though, which is why he prefers being within the crowd; no need to talk to anybody) He and Hazel usually team up during cons, especially when it involves doing switches. Hazel sets up the distraction, and while everyone’s attention is on whatever she’s cooked up, Frank surreptitiously slips into the crowd, gets close to the target, and makes the switch.

Nico is the quickest and sneakiest pickpocket out of all of them, but his biggest contribution to the group is recon. He can get in and out of any place without being noticed or tripping any alarms. While Frank blends in with the crowd, Nico blends in with the shadows. He’s like a ninja.

Meanwhile, Rachel is this rich socialite and a good friend of the grifters. She uses her extensive network of connections to provide the Seven and Nico with intel on their targets.

I just want all the AUs give them to me.



"But Piper agreed we should all watch Finding Nemo tonight!""Percy, no.""But-""No."

Silly chibi drawing I did of Percy and Annabeth. In my head the seven have a weekly movie night and whenever it’s not Percy’s turn he tries to convince the others to watch Finding Nemo. Annabeth’s bob cut is inspired by iwahajime’s. The Pipercy friendship gag is andythelemon's fault.


"But Piper agreed we should all watch Finding Nemo tonight!"
"Percy, no."

Silly chibi drawing I did of Percy and Annabeth. In my head the seven have a weekly movie night and whenever it’s not Percy’s turn he tries to convince the others to watch Finding Nemo.

Annabeth’s bob cut is inspired by iwahajime’s. The Pipercy friendship gag is andythelemon's fault.